The Initiate Website

...This site is for those who...

  • Would like to request an Initiation (Shaktipat Diksha)
  • Are interested in learning more about meditation
  • Want support to develop your practice

Shaktipat is unique - in that it...
  • Creates ongoing, lasting spiritual effects
  • Does not require you to learn anything
  • Is a process that raises kundalini in a natural, spontaneous way
  • Gives the new initiate tangible proof of its activities almost immediately
  • The more one makes oneself available, the stronger the experiences become

For Initiations and support...
  • You must be over 21
  • I have offered group support since 2011
  • I do not sell books, tapes, videos, courses - anything

Initiations and support are free of any charges

I do however accept donations

Help me to help you