This site is an open offer of assistance for those who want to develop spiritually.

That offer takes two forms...
  1. Assisting with all aspects of meditation practice whether you are simply interested in learning how to relax and enjoy life more, or whether you wish to explore meditation to its deepest levels. Either way, you are welcome to join my Community where you can meet other like-minded practitioners. So, feel free to read the Learn to Meditate page, then drop in and say "Hi".
  2. I use a process known as "Shaktipat Diksha". This begins as an initiation that awakens kundalini and starts a safe, natural process of experiences that develops the spiritual aspect of your being. Initiates are not required to surrender their current beliefs nor are they required to adopt new ones. For spiritual development it is said that Shaktipat is the easiest path of all, one does not do anything, it works automatically on your behalf.

Although "Shakti" and "Shaktipat Diksha" are Hindu terms the benefits of initiation work for everyone.

I have worked with candidates since 1980. I have an on-line support forum for current initiates and have included some of my initiates experiences on this site to give a general idea of what can be experienced.

Though I do offer person to person initiations I use remote initiations for candidates who cannot attend in person. They are convenient and just as effective. I can help you wherever you live, distance is no impediment. This page will explain how that is done.

Initiation is easy…
  • Read this site
  • If you have any queries Contact Me
  • Or fill out the Request an Initiation form and send me your photo
  • Send your donation
  • Initiation then commences

What I do...

  • Shaktipat Initiation
  • Counselling on the theoretical and practical aspects of meditation
  • Support - either privately or in a group setting

I am happy to work with you if…

  • You are over 21
  • You are a genuine seeker
  • You are prepared to follow the basic guidelines listed on this site