The Initiate Website

This site is an open offer of assistance if you...
  • Are interested in learning more about meditation
  • Want support to develop your practice
  • Would like to request an Initiation (Shaktipat Diksha)

For Support and Initiations...
  • I have offered group support / initiations since 2011
  • I do not sell books, tapes, videos, courses - anything
  • My Support Community is a practice group. Not a religion, faith, cult etc. 

To apply for initiation / meditation practice / support

An application (by email address below) acknowledges the following...
  • I am over 21 years old 
  • I am are a sincere seeker willing to practice 
  • I have not previously received Shaktipat Diksha
  • I am not currently under other formal spiritual guidance
  • I have read the-initiate site and I understand it.
  • I will contact the initiator every day of the initiation period to report my results (for candidates seeking initiation)
Also: Tell me something about yourself relevant to your application...

Please include your photo with your application... 
Your photo should be a clear picture of you facing the camera (no profile shots) so your face is clearly visible. Do not use filters, remove hat / glasses. Only you should be in the picture.

Contact Me: bernieshakti@gmail.com

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Initiations, video sessions and support are free 
Your generosity is appreciated
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