This site is an open offer for those who wish to raise kundalini by undergoing 
Shaktipat Diksha (initiation)
And for those wishing to learn about and practice meditation.
Shaktipat is a process that raises kundalini in a natural, spontaneous way. It gives the new initiate tangible proof of its activity by allowing one to have experiences that creates ongoing, lasting spiritual effects. 

Soon after initiation it usually takes only a brief period of time for the new initiate to grow the experience where Shakti can be felt working in the background all of the day and night, when awake, dreaming or sleeping the effects can be experienced continuously. The more one makes oneself available for Shakti to do its work, the stronger the experiences become.

As the experience of initiation and its development are unique I am offering free ongoing guidance and support for all initiates and seekers practising meditation through my on-line support community since 2011. Private Skype sessions, video messaging - whatever suits the initiate is available on request. I strongly suggest new initiates take advantage of the free support.

My work is to initiate candidates, explore and understand meditation, its philosophy, methods and to  support practitioners. I do not proselytize any beliefs on those I work with.

Initiations are easy:
  1. Read the relevant pages on this site
  2. Send me your application, photo and donation
  3. I will reply with my photo
  4. We can begin when you are ready

Please note: 
I do not offer initiation to anyone under 21 years of age.
I do not offer initiations to anyone previously initiated elsewhere.

I request a donation for initiations.

Support is and will always be free
Donations help me to help you.