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This site is an open offer of assistance to all  meditation practitioners who are keen on developing the spiritual aspect of their being by raising kundalini.

This site explains in detail about Shakti and Shaktipat, the process and how to go about receiving  initiation, developing and maintaining the experience, both through your own efforts and extensive support from myself and my support group.

New… Ask questions here on Google Communities

In brief…

  • Shaktipat initiation begins a process that arouses kundalini and unfolds spiritual evolution in a safe way.
  • Shaktipat expresses itself as a multitude of spiritual experiences eminently suited to the capacity of the initiate.
  • If nurtured these experiences become a permanent part of ones life.
  • In order to receive Shaktipat Diksha (initiation) one does not need to adopt beliefs or undertake training methods. Shaktipat is the path of practical experience, not endless theory or speculation, belief or faith.
  • One does not need to read books, learn methods or techniques. Kundalini is already a natural part of one’s being, it only needs to be awakened to create the necessary conditions for spiritual fulfillment. Shakti does this perfectly.

You are never too far away… Distance does not affect initiations. I have successfully worked with candidates around the world. From North and South America, England, Europe and India, Africa and Australia. Wherever you live initiation can work for you. Initiation is easy…

My Services Include…

  • Shaktipat Initiation
  • Booster sessions for lapsed practitioners
  • Counseling on the theoretical and practical aspects of meditation

Support group…

  • All candidates and initiates are offered continuous ongoing support
  • Support is through our active Google Groups forum via email, video messaging or Skype – your choice
  • The support group also has a user created library and video room where favorite topic related books and videos can be added
  • There is nothing to sign up for or join, no passwords to remember or phone numbers to give. You are added to an email list and you will receive notices through email and the Google Groups board. You may unsubscribe at any time you wish.

Your support…

  • All my work is based on trust and donations – there are no fixed charges
  • You may donate only what you can afford, there are no catches, or commitments
  • The Initiate is requested to donate after initiation, not before
  • If initiation doesn’t work for you there is no request to donate, you lose nothing by trying

I am happy to work with you if…

  • You are over 21
  • You are a genuine seeker
  • You are willing to develop your practice
  • You are prepared to follow the basic guidelines listed on this site

Feel free to make a comment on the Comments page…