The Initiate Website

...This site is for those who...
  • Would like to learn about Shaktipat Diksha
  • Would like to request an Initiation 
  • Are interested in learning more about meditation
  • Are interested in practicing meditation 

The Initiate Community...

The Initiate Community has been created so meditation practitioners can meet like-minded people who are learning about and practicing a variety of different types of meditation. They encourage, support, share their practice experiences and explore deeper meaning and understandings with each other. We focus on practice, we are not a religious group. Your beliefs are your own.

You are welcome to join (you must be over 21)
  • Shaktipat initiates are supported via the community
  • The practices on this site are supported in the community
  • I have offered a dedicated practice and support community since 2011
  • There are no 'grades' of support, it is the same for everyone
My work and support are free, though donations are appreciated 

Shaktipat is unique - in that it...
  • Creates ongoing, lasting spiritual effects
  • Does not require you to learn anything
  • Is a process that raises kundalini in a natural, spontaneous way
  • Gives the new initiate tangible proof of its activities almost immediately
  • The more one makes oneself available, the stronger the experiences become