This site is an open offer of assistance for those who want to develop spiritually via the practice of meditation or initiation into Shaktipat Diksha.

Assistance is via my Meditation Community where everyone is welcome to join. 

The community is a supportive environment where we discuss, explore and practice a variety of meditation methods, or seekers may apply for Shaktipat Diksha or initiation. It is open for everyone to join but all posts are private.

There are no fees or charges, no surprises or 'gotchas', no courses to sign up for or books to buy, though donations are accepted whenever one wishes to make an offering.

I do not offer initiation to anyone under 21 years of age.

Both seekers and candidates for initiation are welcome to join and remain as members for as long as you wish. There is no requirements for anyone to change their practice or beliefs - and no beliefs are offered. We are a community solely devoted to exploring and understanding meditation, its philosophy, methods and supporting practitioners.

Those who are seeking initiation but are not yet sure are welcome to join the community as seekers for as long as they like and see if it is compatible with their needs before undertaking initiation. If you have any queries before joining please feel free to email me.